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A clothes washer is an appliance created to wash household laundry such as clothing, towels and sheets. It also spin-dries clothes. There are two common varieties of clothes washers. These are top loading and front loading washers. The top loading variety is more widespread in the US market. Because of environmental standards, front loaders are more common in Europe. Front loaders use less power and water but have longer wash cycles. Top-loaders on the other hand, tend to be cheaper. Prices start at about 300 USD compared to front-loaders which prices start at about 650 USD. One of the main concerns with washers is their energy efficiency.


There is a  high amount of energy required for a 30-minute wash cycle. An important tip is to look for machines with small-load settings and low-temperature wash cycles. Always check the Energy Star label. This indicates that the appliance uses 15-percent less energy than the maximum value set by the U.S. Department of Energy. For those who have a small kitchen or laundry room, or who are fitting out an RV, recommended compact washer models are those with capacities of down to around 2.5 cubic feet. This types are significantly smaller than the 4 cubic feet seen in most conventional machines. There are also combined washer and dryer appliances available in the market. These types allow users who have household with limited spaces the luxury of having a dryer rather than relying on line drying. However, these units have a tendency to leave clothes slightly damp.

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