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Whirlwind offered to the public the first ever vacuum cleaner in 1869. Back then, it was manually powered and until the emergence of the motored-powered models occurred. These days, most households can’t seem to live without the use of this cleaning tool. But concerns regarding carpet care have been one of the issues raised by users of models that have the suction feature. In some instances, all powered types such as the iRobot do the total package.

Vacuum Cleaner

One of the common types of vacuum cleaners is the upright vacuum cleaner. The suction mechanism of these models is found inside the device and the bags are positioned in a slim column made of plastic. The bottom part of this vacuum type hinges in order for the brushes to be in total contact with the floor. These models start are priced starting at 40 USD.

The simple types of vacuum cleaners are the canister types. These models hold the motor and the bag in a small round unit. The suction head is connected thru a flexible house that will allow the user to lift the head off the ground so that hard to clean areas can be reached. These vacuum types start at 50 USD.

The typical vacuum cleaners use bags to filter dusts and dirt by means of air flow. Then there’s also the ‘Dyson’ vacuum cleaner. It uses the cyclone effect which causes the flow of air to spin in order for a centrifugal force to act on the air and dirt particles. Dyson models however can be hefty at 400 USD.

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