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A dry iron is a type of iron which does not require water, You simply plug the device. A steam iron, however gives off a small amount of steam into clothes to remove wrinkles. Some steam irons allow the user to moisten the clothes through a spray function.

The best advice that one should follow when purchasing is that the most sophisticated features need not be necessary since this appliance can do the job of tidying your clothes anyway. Even the most standard and basic type of iron can remove all wrinkles from your clothes.

A good and decent model that can last for a year will cost you about 50 dollars.

Other brands offer handy features such as an automatic shut off. This kind of feature is great and a lifesaver once you forget to turn off your iron. There are also some models that have a built in water filter feature. The purpose of this is to stop lime scale forming inside the iron.

This kind of feature is highly recommended for those who love in a hard water area,

Avoid cordless iron types as much as possible. They will only remain hot for a short time and will only interrupt your ironing.

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