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Enjoy Summer In Style With Grills

Grilling is a popular method of food preparation the world over. The food is exposed to dry heat, usually while held on a metal stick or on a gridiron, and can reach temperatures of up to 500 ?F. When meat is cooked above a dry heat source, fats released during cooking drip down and burn, resulting in a smoky flavor. The sheer popularity of grilling has led to a wide variety of techniques and associated appliances. The most common form used for outdoor grilling is the charcoal grill, in which food is cooked over smoldering charcoal. Gas grills, which run on propane gas, are also very popular, especially since they are ready to use instantly — unlike charcoal grills, which must be left to burn for some time before suitable for cooking.

Gas Grill

Nowadays, many people also use electric grills, which come in various forms. Some simply heat up an iron griddle plate, whereas others have a large infrared element, similar to that seen in an electric fire. Electric grills are dependent on a power supply, and are therefore less popular for outdoor use. Some specific forms of indoor electric grill have evolved over the years. Raclette grills, for example, are used for melting cheese for a popular Swiss dish. George Foreman grills are used for a variety of meats, and are especially popular for their angled design, which allows unhealthy fats to run away from the meat into a separate collector.

Gas grills

Gas grills typically run on propane gas, and offer a greater degree of flexibility than charcoal grills. If you want to be able to start cooking immediately, they are the obvious choice. Models such as the Char-Broil Outdoor Gas Grill, which retails for $100, come with handy tool hooks and side shelves for storing food.

Charcoal grills

For a traditional grill experience, nothing beats charcoal. But that doesn’t mean you need to go back to basics. Modern charcoal grills include all kinds of useful features, including temperature gauges, storage shelves, and adjustable grate heights. The Char-Broil Santa Fe Charcoal Grill, for example, provides over 400 square inches of cooking space and retails at around $100.

Portable grills

Grilling is all about the great outdoors, so what better way to enjoy it than with a portable grill? Portable grills are fueled by either charcoal or gas, and vary widely in complexity. Popular models include Cuisinart’s CGG-180 Portable Gas Grill, with its latched lid and handy telescopic legs, which allow you to grill at ground level or waist height on almost any terrain.

Electric grill

Electric grills for the kitchen are usually small countertop appliances. Inside, an electrically heated griddle plate can be used to cook meat at a temperature of your choice. Many models come with a lid to reduce cooking odors. Electric outdoor grills are usually infrared, and work in much the same way as gas outdoor grills.

George Foreman grill

Grilling is made quick and easy by the George Foreman range of indoor electric grills, whose angled grills and drip trays also mean the food is healthier than if fried.

Panini grill

Grills are not just all about meat — recent years have seen a surge in the popularity of grilled sandwiches, or so-called panini. Panini grills, such as the Delonghi CGH800, give your panini that ideal grilled look and can also be used for a range of other foods.

Indoor grill

For those of us who just cannot get enough of grilled food, some companies produce electric barbecue grills that are suitable for indoor use. The George Foreman GGR50 Indoor/Outdoor Grill, for example, has the classic domed shape of an outdoor grill, giving you the full barbecue experience, whatever the weather.

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