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Years before, a fireplace was utilized for cooking or heating. Nowadays, fireplaces are mostly used for heating. Many modern fireplaces these days don’t even require fire to bring heat. There are some however who still use fire by traditionally burning different materials such as gas, wood and coal.

electric fireplace

A fireplace is generally made from wood, limestone, marble, brick and other materials.

When purchasing, your individual taste as well as energy efficiency should be placed into consideration. There are some people who prefer a surging fire yet it has the potential to hurt the environment. Some laws have been passed to prohibit open fires. A more environmentally friendly option is gas fire since it burns cleaner. Restocking is no longer needed because of the main gas supply. Imitation coals are also available in the market. These can mimic the effect of a burning coal with a red glow. Some would highly recommend electric fires since it is the most environmental friendly. In an electric fire, there is no real fire is but instead a glowing electric coil. There is a flame effects that resembles fire. An electric fire has renewable energy sources.

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