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What do I get out of it?

There are people who are completely contented with their analog and antennae. They don’t really care if they have to stand up to adjust the antennae every now and then. They are already used to fuzzy and grainy channels.

Analog To Digital TV

But there are a lot of perks to switching. The quality of the picture and sound will be so much better. This higher quality took effect last Feb. 17, 2009, start of the switch over. Multiple standard-definition programs are being carried out by these television stations. Or they can choose to send just a single but high-definition program. The picture quality has greatly enhanced. HDTV owners will be amazed by the capabilities of HD programming unlike the standard-digital programming.

Is buying a new HDTV really necessary?

You do not really need to buy an HDTV. The quality of programming on an HDTV is far more superior than a regular digital TV. HD TVs are also far more expensive than the usual TVs around.

Some people with analog TV sets would choose not to change their televisions. Converters are available for people who choose to stick to analog They too, can enjoy digital programming with the help of a converter. There are rabbit ears antennae that were built to receive and process digital signals as well. People who have cable or satellite TV services can stick to their analog without any hassle.

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